Is a Website offering various helpful
FREE Services and Tools.

Our most popular tool is our
Mini Weather Station for
the greater Philipine Region.

Serving the Philippines since 2005
With OUR very OWN independent
Typhoon PreWarning System.

Many Visitors asked, why we do not offer this service also for other parts of this world, the answer is easy... Running a reliable PreWarning Service, needs funding, as Monitoring the weather isn't a easy task..

Well, our planet is fairly large, so it would take a larger team to be able to provide a good and reliable world-wide service.

So sad to say, without funding or a larger donation... for now, we are only able to monitoring this Area !

- Donations for our work, are greatly aprichiated and Donations are needed!

Philippines, Islands (South East Asia), is a wonderful Country for a Vacation!
We can recommend!

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